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GMF - Omni-plateau

The Champlain Medical Clinic is part of a Family Medicine Group (GMF). This means that family physicians at Champlain Clinic work as a team with family physicians from two other clinics (La Clinique du Plateau and Omniclinique) to expand the care provided to their patients. To be eligible for the GMF emergency consulting, offered evenings, weekends and holidays, your family doctor must work at one of three GMF Omni-Plateau clinics.

When and how to proceed to visit GMF Emergency Clinic

Check to see if your doctor or one of his colleagues is available to see you during the day. Only urgent consultations that cannot be scheduled at regular doctor's intervals will be accepted at GMF emergency clinics.

All appointments are made online. 

What other benefits does the GMF offer?

By being a member of the GMF, Champlain Medical Clinic patients also have access to the services of other health professionals, such as a nurse clinician, a social worker and a nutritionist. A pharmacist is also part of the GMF to support the work of doctors and to do some follow-up with patients.

The three GMF Omni-Plateau clinics

Clinique médicale Champlain
260 Saint-Raymond boulevard, suite 105
Gatineau, Qc, J9A 3G7

Clinique médicale du Plateau
195 Atmosphère boulevard, suite 300
Gatineau, Qc, J9A 0A3

Omni-Clinique de l’Outaouais
28 Mont-Bleu boulevard, suite 202
Gatineau, Qc, J8Z 1J1

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